Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Gospel According to Joe: The Good News Makes a Great Day

Joe's Eighth Epistle

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Yesterday, April 26, 2015, was a hard day and a great day for me. Friday I had back surgery on three vertebrae. They attempted to rebuild them. Time will tell the success of the surgery. On one of them, the surgeon had to hammer through the outer layer to get to the inside, where he said it was mush.
I am so ready to be going home, but, for now, God has me enduring. Today I go in for a blood draw to check my numbers to determine what the next phase of treatment will be. I’ll meet with the doctor the following Monday to review the numbers and discuss options. This Wednesday is my last scheduled chemo treatment; however, they tell me that I will be on chemo the rest of my life, so it simply means they will change the regimen. They want to do two bone marrow transplants, if the numbers are favorable. I am not excited about the idea but remain open to God's leading. Such a hard journey, but God is good! I will be praising God and laughing about this in eternity.
I say yesterday was a great day, because I got to hear the Good News that Jesus died for my sins to make a way for me to have a restored relationship with a Holy God—that Christ has forgiven me of my sins and has provided mercy and grace through the sacrifice of God's only son, Jesus. While I was not able to attend our church that we love and fellowship in, I was able to attend on-line our son and daughter-in-law's church at  (8 am, 9:45 am or 11:30 am). When I can't make it to our home church, this is where I go and am always blessed by the worship and preaching of the Word of God. Don't get me wrong. There is no substitute for the local church, and, if you have a church that is faithful in rightly dividing the Bible, then you should always prioritize fellowshipping, worshiping and serving there. God has so much to say on that subject. Please support your church! If you don't, won't or can't get to a church that preaches truth then I highly recommend the link above. I have others to recommend as well. (Thank you to those who have linked me to their churches).
The message yesterday was from Romans 9:30-10:13. It was directed at unbelievers and “religious” people who lack real saving faith. It doesn't get any clearer than this. Take time to listen. It could very well be the most important thing you will do in this life. My soul was so satisfied and blessed, as it always is when God's Word is taught boldly and correctly. If the Gospel is not preached boldly and honestly where you attend, find a church where it is. I can help. I am so thankful that I have a pastor who does.
Again, I thank you for joining me in this journey.
Oh God, help us to want You!

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